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Sparge Water Amount in Beersmith Too High


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Sep 25, 2019
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Hi all.  I  just entered a new receipe in bee rsmith 3.  The amount of sparge water it says I need is too high when compared to the grainfather calculator.  What adjustments should I make to lower the amount of sparge water needed?  Thanks.
It is hard to say what to change when we cannot see how each program is handling the water volumes.  Are the losses to trub different?  Is the grain absorption different?  Is the boil off rate different? is the batch size the same? 

That said, the most important question is, "which prediction is closer to your actual results?"

The problem with trying to use two different models, even those built on the same basic equations, is that you will spend more time trying to get them to agree with each other than it will be worth in the long run.  Pick one of the programs to use and concentrate on getting that program to closely match your actual results.  THEN, if you want you can focus on the other program with a better understanding of the changes needed to make the first program mimic your process.

When a discrepancy like this occurs its not the software's fault... it the measures and weights you have entered into your equipment and mash profiles. (Or the measures and weights you have simply accepted as correct in the profiles that came with the program) I have absolutely no experience with these coffee urn style brewing systems so I won't even try to say how you should customize your specific set up but I'm 99% sure that's where the problem lies.
The sparge water is calculated as what's needed to meet your preboil volume - specifically:
  sparge_vol = boil_vol + grain_absorb - kettle_top_up + mash_tun_deadspace - mash_vol;

  boil_vol is the target pre boil volume
  grain_absorb is the volume absorbed by the grain during the mash
  mash_vol is the total volume of water added during the mash
  mash_tun_deadspace is the deadspace value (from the equipment profile)
  kettle_top_up is the top up water (from equip profile) added to the kettle pre-boil



Brad Smith
If you know your expected boil volume can you just sparg until you hit that volume?

Am I over simplifying?
If you are fly sparging soarging, that is exactly how you do it. -- sparge to hit your pre boil volume.