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Starting a nanobrewery


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Dec 15, 2011
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This is a question for UK residents only.

I wondered if anyone has any success of opinion of starting a nanobrewery as a side project.

I have my normal job which provides my income so I?m not looking to make a sole income maybe just a bit extra cash.

I would be selling to pubs / bottles to shops if possible.

Anyone see any issues? I could make around 200 litres of beer at a time.
I would caution that starting any business takes up a lot more time (and money) than you'll anticipate. After a full day at your regular job, will you be motivated to give the nano all the attention it needs? One way to find out is to get a side job to both learn the business and gauge your actual level of commitment vs your everyday obligations.

On a more practical level, look into the logistics of sales and supplies. When and how will your beer get delivered and how will you get supplies if you have a day job?

Not the most inspiring of questions, I know. But, every cool idea eventually turns into hard work and compromise.
Thanks. As it would only be very small scale then I envisage it is possible and not my income (more of a hobby / small amount of pocket money)although I might be being completely naive.

Does anyone do it that could give any further guidance.

The amount of red tape will be enormous. Just keeping up with federal, state and local regulations will be a full time job. Whatever your expected start up costs add tens of thousands more for unexpected costs to meet state and local codes.

If you can find pubs to serve your beer (good luck with that) they are going to expect a fixed amount on a regular schedule. To sell bottled beer to retail stores you will need a distributor (good luck with that). Not to mention you will need to invest in a bottling line.

Some unexpected costs you may not have anticipated... will the floor of your brewery space meet code for the weight of your brew equipment when in use? Will local code require fireproof doors in your brewery? Does your brewery have adequate water service that may be required by local code? How about adequate waste removal? Employee payroll/taxes and insurance.

Either jump in with both feet or stay out of the water.