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Steeping calculations for partial mashes



How can I get the correct effect (SG, color, etc.) on a beer recipe when I steep a malt in a bag at a given temperature for a set amount of time prior to adding the extract & boiling?  My understanding is that this type of "infusion" provides a significantly lower efficiency than a standard mash.  Will the software do these calculations for me or do I need to make estimates based on the lower efficiency "infusion"?


I am very interested in this question too.  I am going to make a beer from malted grain and extract that requires me to "make a tea" out of the malted hops.  The recipe calls for keeping the grain at 154 degrees for 60 minutes.  How and where do I enter this into the software so that it calculates the effects of the "tea" appropriately?



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Mar 14, 2008
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Set the "type" of recipe to "partial mash" and use the Single Infusion Mash profile. Adjusting from Light to Full bodied mashes as desired. The software takes a best guess into account because the malt profiles have "Yield Potential, SRM, or Color, and even IBU's for Extract's" settings assigned. Extracts will provide up to 50% of your yield, but actual efficiency depends on the same rules that All Grain does. Grain milling or crush, Water PH, Sparge temp, Number of Sparge Rounds, and Size of grain Bill. If it were me, I would make a base recipe with just the mini mash to find out what the SG is. Then steep it and find out how close you are. This would then tell you what your efficiency is. Hope this helps.