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Step 1: Translating Ingredient and Profile Data Files

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Apr 5, 2003
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Interested in helping to translate BeerSmith to another language?  My long term goal is to offer BeerSmith in several languages, but I need support form the community to make it happen.

There are three major steps:
[list type=decimal]
[*]Translating the Ingredient and Profile data files
[*]Translating the BeerSmith 2 Program Itself
[*]Translating Help Files

One of the first (and largest) steps is to translate the data files that go with BeerSmith - this includes the ingredients (hops, grains, etc...) as well as the profiles.

The files include:
  • Age.bsmx - Fermentation and age profiles
  • Carbonation.bsmx - Carbonation profiles
  • Equipment.bsmx - Equipmentprofiles
  • Grain.bsmx - Grain, extracts, adjunct ingredients
  • Hops.bsmx - Hop ingredients
  • Mash.bsmx - Mash profiles
  • Misc.bsmx - Miscellaneous Ingredients
  • Recipe.bsmx - Sample Recipes (if desired)
  • Style.bsmx - Style Guides
  • Water.bsmx - Water Profiles
  • Yeast.bsmx - Yeast Profiles

Method for Translating These Files (best way):
  • Make sure you have the latest version of BeerSmith in English
  • Select the table to translate from within the program (for example Hop ingredients)
  • When you select a new table to work on, I recommend leaving a post to the appropriate language thread below so others know you have started on that particular file
  • Use the Export command to export the entire listing (of hops in this case) to a separate file named MyHops.bsmx
  • Open the MyHops.bsmx file you just exported
  • From within the program edit the hop entries in that file (MyHops.bsmx will show as a separate tab)
  • When you close the program, you will be prompted to save your MyHops.bsmx file - which has your translation in it
  • Once you complete a file, post it on the language thread using the list of names above (i.e. rename MyHops.bsmx to Hops.bsmx before posting it) you are working on so others can check your work and use it themselves

Getting the data files in your native language is the first step.  In step 2 I'll provide the tools to translate the program itself.

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