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Suggested improvements


Feb 26, 2010
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I am trying to make notations on my last brew and find Beersmith coming up way short on flexibility of recording the fermentation process.  I am trying to note the temps and times my fermentation occurred.  I would like to be able to record the exact process and timing things occurred during the fermentation process but find a lack of ways to notate this properly.  The only notes on the fermentation tab refer to tasting notes.

Just an example of things I think could be notated as part of the fermentation cycle. 
Pitched Yeast
Fermentation begins.
Temperature changed of fermentation chamber.
Racked to secondary
Dry hop additions
Oak additions

This schedule could be part of the design process in terms of planned racking, temp changes or additions, with google calendar or Ios calender exports or email reminders of planned events in the brew cycle.

Alternatively the fermentation page can have a time flow of changes.  Click on a day and have a calender pop up, choose a day then add the event as it occured.

Date/time Pitched Yeast

Date/time Fermentation began

Date-raise ferm temps for D-rest.

Date-racked to secondary S.G. 1.015

Date- Dry hopped with DH addition #1

Date- Gelatin added Ferm chamber temp reduced to 40 degrees.

Date-transfer to keg (FG 1.012)


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Nov 13, 2014
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Hey Beersmith guys, that will be a awesome feature to the app.

Thumbs up, here!


Grandmaster Brewer
Aug 8, 2012
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I'd like to see some reminders too. Like I don't always remember to take notes of everything (might be easier with suggested template). but let's say I start using Gelatin on my batches. I would create a New Process tag for it and the next couple times I brew it would show up as an option. Kinda like dynamic fields. Like let's say I don't enter a Pitch Temp for a few batches, then this field disappears until I create a New Process for it again (selecting from a list of former processes). I think this would help some of the clutter in this app.

This could also tie into my Timeline suggestion where I could quickly see where I started using Gelatin in my process and show all batches that have used Gelatin.