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Suggestions for a kit

I think you are on the right track with the Kolsch. Just so happens the last batch I made was a Kolsch. Does need to be cold conditioned but it primaries at ale temps. (Don't get too anal about the gradual temp. decline. Just primary it and chill it. If you have the equipment to drop the temp over the coarse of a month then go for it. Otherwise just chill it.) I suggest you brew what you want and learn from your mistakes. Stay away from the Chocolate, banana, coffee, mint porter. Keep it simple and stick with traditional styles. Then, if you must, go crazy when you learn how to brew to style. Most of the time if you do a little research and plan your brew day you will seldom ever fail. It's just sugar, water and yeast. That's all. The end result is always beer and you can refine your skills over time. More power to ya brother.