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Top Up & SG


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Mar 1, 2016
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I have just purchased the software after brewing a couple 1 gallon all grain batches while on the trial version.  I am trying to brew a 5 gallon extract partial boil.  I have set up my equipment and the amount I can boil then the amount I will have to add to top off.

All the stats for my recipe look good but when I go to the brew step sheet I find something odd.  It says estimated post boil gravity to be 1.057 then next step it says to top up fermenter with 2 gallons water and that the pre-fermentation gravity should be 1.057.  This can’t be since I am diluting my wort.  I am wondering which number is correct and if there is a way to have the software account for this during the recipe building stage?

Enter your brewing data in this calculator as a check for which SG is more likely correct in BS for your recipe.  The Brewer's Friend recipe builder may give you an idea where to change data/defaults in BS.
Unfortunately, with this current build of the software it calculates the post boil gravity with all the water added, even if it is added at the fermentor.