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Touch of Finger Trouble


Western Brewer

Hi All,
While playing around with the trial program I messed up one of the sample recipes (Honey Pilsner) Can anyone tell me if there is a way to restore it or give me the ingredients and amounts please,
Cheers, Western Brewer
If you happen to have created the recipe on another day, you might be able to restore it using the Recover Table command.

1. First - back up all of your current recipes using these instructions:  http://www.beersmith.com/how_can_i_create_a_backup_of_my_recipes.htm

2. Next - use the "Recover Table" option on the File menu and see if you can find a date when you know the recipe was good.  If so - try recovering that recipe table.

3. Finally - open up the back up file you created in step one and copy and paste any of your new recipes over so everything is back up to date.

With a little luck - you probably have the old recipe in one of the backup files and should be able to recover it.