Trouble Printing Reports


May 29, 2010
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I don't know if anyone else has experienced this problem or if it's just my inexperience with the program but printing a report seems to either cumbersome or not working properly.

After copying a recipe to my brew log folder, if I highlight the session and then click on "File" and the "Print Report" I basically get a screen shot or list of all of my sessions. The only way I can seem to get an actual report to print is by highlighting my session and then selecting "File" then "Print Preview" then print the report. I know it's only one extra step, but I would think the software would be a little more intuitive then this and not force you to have to do a preview each time.

Is this a trouble with the software or how I'm using it?

Have you tried the Print command (file menu) instead of the Print Report Command?  The print report is actually for those looking to print the entire list instead of just the item selected.

Sorry for the confusion...

I'm having the same problem and have even reinstalled with no better luck.....print and print view does nothing....any ideas appreciated as I need to brew but can't get a report out.....thanks