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Using Brewsmith 2 for 15BBL Commercial Brewing


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Jan 10, 2013
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Can anyone provide a basic starting point profile that I can enter into my brewsmith 2 to start scaling my recipes?  We have a Premier 15BBL 2 vessel brewhouse.  Basically we need to find a starting point and then we'll tweak things as we dial in our equipment.  Is anyone out there utilizing Brewsmith 2 on a 15BBL that you could offer a screen shot of the equipment set up screen?  Or any helpful direction?

Thanks in advance!



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Sep 6, 2011
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Ventura, CA
This is what I'm using for a Steam fired Bohemian Monoblock. It's pretty similar to the Premier systems with a combi HLT/Mashtun.

A water batch will calibrate specific heat, kettle trub and evaporation rate.

Batch Size: 16.00 Barrel
Mashtun Volume: 22.35 Barrel
Boil Volume: 19.00 Barrel
Mash Tun Weight: 500 lbs
Evaporation Rate: 5.3 % (1bbl per hr)
Mash Tun Specific Heat: 0.35 cal/g-deg C
Boil Time: 90 min.
Mash Tun Deadspace: 1.00 Barrel
Top-up for Boiler: 0.00 Barrel
Equip Hop Utilization: 120.00 %
Losses to Trub/Chiller: 0.83 Barrel
Cooling Loss (%): 4.00
Top up water for Fermenter: 0.00 Barrel 
Notes: Sparge at 5 min per bbl. Strike at 165 to settle at 148F. Yield to bright tank 13.5 bbl.

We get about 35 points per pound, with this configuration.