Vessel tracking


Oct 25, 2008
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When I keep my written brewing records I tend to make a note of which vessels I used (if I have a choice). I realise that there is the Equipment section where you can enter mash tun and kettle details and change this if your equipment changes. However, there is other equipment that tends to be used more interchangeably such as fermenters and kegs that it would be great to keep track of too.

For fermenters, a separate choice (with appropriate options for customisations under Equipment) would probably be sufficient.

For kegs, it tends to get more complicated. I tend to use a corny keg as a secondary fermenter before racking into a "serving" corny. As well as keeping a record of which corny(s) was used for a given brew it would be great if this could be linked (along with the calendar) to a tracking function, including brew gyle numbers (see previous suggestion) where the usage of each corny could be tracked along with the ability to add notes for cleaning and maintenance. Then it would be easy to follow the history of how each corny was used, cleaned, maintained etc. Maybe you could even set alerts so that the brewer is alerted if a corny hasn't had its seals replaced after x (user selectable) batches or y (user selectable) period of time?

I like to keep track of which vessels I use in case I have a problem. In the past I have used this to trace back to sources of infection and take appropriate action. Ideally, a tracking system such as this would permit the brewer to address any issues before they become a problem. I know that my own corny usage varies from some sat with a single beer maturing in them for years to others that a filled and emptied on a much mre frequent basis.

It would be nice to keep on top of this in order to make it easier to develop a system to keep all vessels in top condition. Going further, I don't expect that each of the replaceable components in a corny need to be changed at the same frequency, e.g. I guess that pressure release valves last a lot longer than the post o-rings, so it may be good to have a "time since last change" for each component?