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Volume of DME


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Jul 25, 2021
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I'm a fairly new brewer and I stumble upon Beersmith during my research.
Great software ! I love all the details and calculations done.

I do have a question howerver regarding DME.
DME has as a volume in Beesmith, but it should dissolve in the water just like sugar.

Here is my specific calculation example :
I boil using half my DME in 3 gallons of water.
The software is telling me that DME as a volume 0,23 gallon so I should add 2,77 gallons of water to reach 3 gallons.
I would have thought that I should add 3 gallons, because the DME dissolve almost entirely in the water.

Can you help me there ?
Even when dissolved in water, solids take up space, so the volume will increase. You are correct in subtracting the DME volume from the final volume you want.