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Water Profile tool improvement suggestion


Mar 20, 2016
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I first want to thank you for an awesome piece of software! I have used BeerSmith pretty much since I started brewing and I could not manage without it now.

I am not sure how practical this would be to do - how much computation it would require, but figured I would throw it out there.

I tend to use a mix of my tap water (which is very hard) and bottled water (very soft) for brewing. I tend to adjust the amounts of each and calculate additions to try and get as close to my desired profile as possible. I do this using the base profile for my water and the dilute with for the bottled. I try around 50:50, then depending on which ions are low / high, adjust the spilt to get as close as possible.

What would be ideal would be to be able to enter the two water sources to use, then have BeerSmith calculate the best fit of the two water sources and all the salts to get as close as possible to the desired profile.