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Water profile tool & Water tab


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Feb 20, 2012
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Amsterdam, NY
      I have had a list of several reasons why I used another water chemistry calculator and primarily use BeerSmith for recipe formulations, brew day timer, and data recording. I really want to say after working with the BeerSmith3.1 program, wow! Brad and his developer team has come up with huge improvements since I first used it years ago. Most all the reasons that I used another product have been incorporated into the BeerSmith3.1 platform. I spent a few hours working to do a comparison between my usual water calculator and BeerSmith3.1 today. After familiarizing, learning, and working by trial and error through my next batch water chemistry including pH and general recipe building with BeerSmith3.1, I found the results were comparatively similar and BeerSmith could get the data into the recipe very easily once you learned the flow. Thanks for all the effort going into this. Excellent. I will enjoy using it .

    Just bugging as to .1 in the HCO3 column in the water profile tool when Baking Soda additions are zero. Somehow during the learning curve I deleted the Baking Soda salt from the pop list in Water>add salts and can't get it back I also left a separate comment in the improving the next version topic section in regards to Water> Thanks