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Water Profiling for BIAB


Jun 28, 2018
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I have a BIAB profile and it works fine for the brewing process.  But, when I try to use the water tab in recipe creation to add water salts to my RO (distilled) base water it splits them into Strike and Sparge portions.  This is opposite what I need for BIAB. I have recently tried Brown Balanced and Brown Full (I am brewing a Wee Heavy) 

What can I do so that it only adds salts in the beginning, since I am not sparging.

Also, how should I change the salt additions for BIAB where there will only be one salt addition?
If the program is splitting the salts into mash and sparge additions, then you are not using a biab mash profile.  In BeerSmith, a biab mash profile defaults to a full volume mash with no sparge step. The water tab will reflect this.
Thanks, you are right.  Never mind...... It was POBKAC. I had my Equipment profile as BIAB but forgot to change the Mash Profile to BIAB. Once I did that, it magically started working.  go figure.
The equipment profile tells the program the total volumes needed.  The mash profile gives the breakdown of how the water is added for the mashing steps.