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Water Salts/Additions Question


New Brewer
Oct 9, 2016
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So I'm a bit confused when it comes to water salt additions.

When I use the water profile and put in my base profile (my water profile), I also put my total mash amount in the gallons spot due to it being BIAB.  Then I input my target profile and do the Mash Target Profile and Save Target Profile. 

My question is, when I add the "Water" ingredient of the saved target profile to my recipe, it wants to add the amount of water for the final volume (5.5gal when the total pre mash vol is 9.2 gals).  So when I add the water as an ingredient, should I be adding it at the final volume (5.5 gal) or the total mash vol (9.2 gal) even though it's all ready calculated the salts in the Water Profile portion.

Hope this makes sense.



Grandmaster Brewer
Apr 15, 2015
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Tasmania, Australia
I always add my water amount into the recipe as the total amount when doing BIAB and the water additions for the beer I am making are calculated at this amount. So say I want 5 gallons post boil/into fermentor and my pre boil amount is 8.5 gallons my water salt additions are calculated for the 8.5 gallons.