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Water to Grain Ratio to High?


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Jul 25, 2017
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Hey All,

Have only done a couple BIAB small bathes. Still in the learning stages and trying to improve my technique, especially during the mashing stage.

Currently in the process of creating a Robust Porter in BeerSmith and having issues regarding my water to grain ratio.

Im doing a 9.46 L batch with 2.7kg amount of grain in a 21 Litre Pot ( Hence the small batch)

My current water to grain ratio is 4.996 L/kg. From doing some reading this is very thin mash and is not ideal.

My issue is if i reduce the amount of water or increase the amount of grain to reduce the ratio this effects my desired ABV.

Is this due to fact my batch size is very small and i'm limited? Any help appreciated.

I do full volume BIAB and from my experience the "thin" mashing does not pose any real issue.  I regularly make 10 liter BIAB batches, but know people that do full volume mashes up to around 10 gal (37.9 liters).  By far, doing a full volume BIAB is the easiest mashing method to get correct and repeatable.