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What are some other professions related to Brewing that are out there?


Aug 9, 2011
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        I would love to be able to put my brew on tap, or on a store shelf some day.  However, I'm also realistic that professional brewing jobs aren't always easy to come by.  Does anybody have any advice about getting your foot in the door to the craftbrewing community?  I've started a blog and a podcast for experience and fun, but would like to make a profession out of it as well. Any advice?


Nick Filipow

Not to sound like a jerk but getting a job a your local brewpub/brewery might be a start...
;DThat's definitely one of the things I'm look at doing, I'm more just curious if there some more obscure fields that are worth looking into.
Do you belong to a local homebrew club? If not join one because Im sure someone in it works for a local brewery or brewpub and may be able to help you get your foot in the door. If nothing else Im sure you will learn a lot and be able to take something away from the experience. Who knows maybe someone in the club will know someone...

Is there a local homebrew publication or something that might promote/advertise these types of opportunites?

Look into going to school for brewing.

Also I would start brewing alot of beer and submitting them into competitions. Im sure if your winning comps someone will take notice of your talents. Good luck and if you find a way in let me know cause Im in the same boat.

I would say the blog and podcast are a good start. Might try to get a viral net thing goin...
Yeah, those are some of the things that I've been trying.  I'm in a couple clubs, started blogging and podcasting, and have entered some competitions.  The problem is fitting it all into my schedule to make it consistant.  I'll definately let you know if I find success in a specific strategy. 
What maddspoiler said. :D

There are many ways into the profession but if you want to work in a brewery just find one and go and ask. There's ALWAYS something to do in an active brewery and no job is below anybody's station. You'll find brewers scrubbing floors, packaging, cleaning kegs, it ALL needs to be done.

I'll speak from experience here... I went to my local craft brewer and ended up there on a Friday when they were particularly busy. I started work the following Wednesday! I started with cleaning bottles and packaging and eventually worked my way up to brewer's assistant and am now brewing regularly.

It CAN be done, just take that first step.
I have friends who are head and assistant brewers at a small brewery in Chicago.  The easiest way to get on their good side is to volunteer to help with menial tasks at first and wait for something to open up.  Most small breweries are in the growing stages and will eventually need more people.  My buddies started out with 2 people working and now have 3 brewers, a packaging manager and several packaging employees as well as volunteers who may be employees one day.

I have long wished to be a part of the brewing profession, and they have offered me part time work but I can't fit it in with a job and a family currently...some day...some day
Yup volunteer ,, Also if you want to take the leap and have the money you can always try to find a brewery that will let you contract out a brew ....
Sounds like a plan to me, I definately don't mind volunteering some time.  Hopefully I can get started soon.