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What color number do I enter into Beersmith?



I have been an all grain brewer for just under a year and have managed to find a source of malt here in China where I live now.  Anyway, the malt specs from the maltster include 2 color numbers.  Ex//
French 2 Row
Color:        EBC <=4.5  (by my calcs = SRM 2.15)
Boiled color: EBC <=8.5  (by my calcs = SRM 3.65)

Since this doesn't match an existing malt in the Beersmith catalog (this is sourced from Malteurop), I have created my own entry with all the other data but don't know which color number to put in.  What is the industry standard?

Under Tools > Options > Units, I found a setting for either SRM or EBC.  I imagine you would want your entire system on the same unit of measure, so if you have the SRM numbers and that is what you're used to, then perhaps keep everything SRM? 

For those wondering, the conversion formula is (EBC*0.375)+0.46 = SRM, in case you find only EBC data on a malt sheet somewhere. 
It seems you didn't understand the question.  The question is not a question of UNITS, but of which COLOR NUMBER do I enter.  In the example I listed there are TWO color numbers given by the maltster:

1) Color:  EBC 4.5
2) Boiled Color:  EBC 8.5

Which number do I use in Beersmith to be consistent with the way it is programmed and with industry standards??  1)Color (4.5) or 2)Boiled Color (8.5)?
I would think the lower one that represents the SRM of the ingredient.  In theory, the final boiled color may vary after a normal 60-minute boil versus a vigorous 120-minute boil.  Not sure how BSmith accounts for that possible variance.
Yeah, that's what I assumed too (and entered) but wanted to check to make sure that's how Beersmith is programmed.  Does anyone know for sure?