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What Glycol Chiller for Conical Fermenters is better?

Max Beer

New Forum Member
Feb 26, 2021
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I'm quite new for home brewing. Could you share your thoughts which fermenter glycol chiller is more reliable?
I'm considering the following brands:
SS Brewtech https://www.ssbrewtech.com/collections/glycol-chillers/
UBC https://www.beveragecraft.com/fermenter-glycol-chillers/
Grainfather https://grainfather.com/grainfather-glycol-chiller/
Without questioning your motives, as a "quite new" homebrewer, why do you think you need a glycol chiller already? It's a big investment and actually one you can DIY (though not as pretty) with a window air conditioning unit for a fraction of the cost.

All of the units you linked to are going to be reliable if you size it correctly for what you want to brew. In primary fermentation, a 5% beer is going to generate about 600btu of total heat. A typical 4 day primary then generates 600/4/24 = 6.25 btu/hr. which is hardly worth a several hundred to several thousand dollar investment. An exception might be if you're in a drought prone area and want to chill your heat exchange water to save on volume.

If you are already going big, with plans to have multiple 10 to 20 gallon batches going at the same time, then the decision may change.