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Whirlpool as a brew step


Aug 23, 2010
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It would be really nice if there was an option to add whirlpool and whirlpool rest times as part of the brew day without having to make it a hop addition. I have been using the whirlpool and rest since the late 80's way before whirlpool hop additions were a thing in the home brew world. Would it be possible to add them as part of the brew process so the brew day timer accounts for the steps and sounds alarms?? I always do a 10 min whirlpool and 10 min rest before transferring to fermentor. The addition of the hop whirlpool is very useful feature but I don't always have hop whirlpool additions. I know I can add a "fake" hop addition to get this accomplished but it would much better to be able to add it as a brew step and not an ingredient addition.


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Apr 7, 2017
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You can create a miscellaneous item for your whirlpool only step. You need to look beyond that it is in the ingredients section. It is a custom step. Nothing more. The only time you will see the word "ingredient" is when you first create the step. After that during recipe creation you click "Add Misc" ...and in your brew steps it will show up under "Miscellaneous". BTW, it does show up in your brew steps and an alarm will sound when it is time to start your whirlpool.

As for your whirlpool hop step it is already in there. When you add a hop open the Use drop-down menu and at the bottom is Steep/Whirlpool. You can then add the time you want this step to start.


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Sep 6, 2011
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Ventura, CA
Kevin58 said:
You can create a miscellaneous item for your whirlpool only step.

OP's suggestion comes from another thread where the misc item was suggested and explained. I think OP is looking for something more purpose built that's independent of hop additions. As it is, WP hop additions are counted from the beginning of steep, rather than being able to add them as part of a countdown to the end of WP (like boil timing). BeerSmith doesn't allow more timed process steps after the beginning of steep, so a brewer has to custom create a bunch of timed steps calculated out from the start of WP.

As BS evolves, I hope to see WP become a countdown addition, like the boil. As an aside, I'd like to be able to add many more fermentation steps, similar to how I can with a mash.