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Whirlpool Tank


Oct 16, 2017
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The separation of hot trub from work takes place in whirlpool tun.
The total time from end of wort boiling to the end of sediment still process after whirlpool should be less than 60min.
In addition to a bottom drain, multiple outlets on the side of tank are commonly installed in order to cool the wort before it completely settled.
The optimal whirlpool is height-to-diameter ratio of 1:1. The whirlpool rotation depends on the heisphere the brewery locates, but direction does not appear to be critical to its function. Designs should avoid placing objects, such as temperature probes and piping in such a way that they protrude into the tank because they may interfere with the fluid motion and trub pile formation. Whirlpool tun should also be adequately and safely vented to allow for the rapid increase in pressure that is caused by boiling-hot wort quickly entering the tank.

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