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White O-Rings For Corny Kegs


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Nov 30, 2018
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Hello Everyone,
I was going through some of my equipment and found some o-rings I had stored away.  I have some white over-sized rings for the lid of a corny keg.  When I compare the white ones to the standard black rings I have, I noticed that the white ones are more bendable and flexible and the black ones are more rigid / stiff. 

I cannot remember where or when I bought them, so, does anyone here know the difference?  Is one type better than the other?  Thanks.


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Sep 6, 2011
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Ventura, CA
The typical corny gasket is EPDM rubber. This is the same material used in pro breweries for connecting hoses and nearly everything else. They're durable, chemical resistant and cheap. After a while, they do tend to dry out, crack and need to be replaced.

I can't with certainty say what the white one is, but I'd wager on silicone. They are more flexible and crate a complete seal with very little effort. For regular homebrewing use, they're pretty good, but more expensive.

Both are equal in general brewing use. In a commercial brewery, silicone gaskets are ideal for very high temperature (steam) use because they won't break down, and excellent in packaging systems where vacuums are created because of flexibility.

Hard silicone gaskets are often used to connect joints in a hard piped brewery. Over time (days to weeks), they flow and change shape to exactly fit and seal the joint.