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Whole Cones vs. Pellets and Water Volume


Mar 3, 2016
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Canandaigua, NY
I am looking to brew an American Barelywine this spring.  While I am working on the recipe, I decided I would try to use my whole cone hops for most if not all of my hop additions.  When I look at the same recipe using whole cones vs. pellets, the water volume is the same.  I know that using whole cone hops tend to absorb more wort than pellets, and I was curious to know if Beersmith would try to account for this in some way or form.  It appears not at this point, but I was curious to know if anyone has found a setting that I cannot seem to locate that would make this adjustment automatically.  Worst case scenario I just adjust for a slightly larger batch anticipating the lost of wort due to hop cone absorption.

Brad, if you see this post can you consider seeing if you can make this into a "feature request" for a future build or release?

Thanks in advance!