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Why not let us store unlimited recipes using our own cloud storage?


Dec 22, 2017
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I've been a long time user of BeerSmith 2 and appreciate the limited cloud storage. But why is it so limited? Why can't we simply save recipes to our own existing cloud storage?

I'd like to upgrade my license to BeerSmith 3, even though I couldn't give a hoot about mead, wine, or cider, but I would like to use the cleaner UI, tools, etc. No way would I rent software, though.

No matter what, though, the cloud storage limitation is awfully restrictive and seems to emphasize your needs and not mine.  Weird, though...you go to great lengths to improve the UI yet have this major UX flaw. So please reconsider and let us store recipes using our own cloud storage? If you do that, I'd gladly upgrade my license. :)