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Worst commercial or craft beer you've had?


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Apr 5, 2003
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  So what is the worst commercial/craft beer (non-homebrew) you have ever tried?

  Mine was some kind of cheap malt liquor in college (don't recall the name, but still remember the terrible taste).

Purely Subjective opinion here!
Old Milwaukee
Cheep: Yes
Bad Taste: Yes
Bad Hangover: Yes
Drink it because don't know any better
Cask vanillia ale
Sam Adams Pale ale

I am sure I will think of more
The worst beer I have ever had was in College. Pabst Ice back when ice beers were popular.  I bought a 30 pack and took me forever to drink.  I had some underage guests of my roommate who stole one and couldn't finish it.  You know it is bad beer when an 19 year old won't drink it.  I also remember Olympia I bought once for .99 a 6-pack was pretty bad. 

Never really had a bad craft brew.  Some are not my style but most are decent.
I ordered a sampler from a now defunct brewpub,  everything from a light lager to a stout,  There was NO taste differential, none. 
Five "fine" examples of some of the strongest ButterBeer you could ever find.

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This will bring back memories, Fall City Beer and Old Style the Chicago special. Man cheap and bad all for one low price.
It's brewed by Carlton united breweries in Australia and thank god they export it
because no one here in Australia will drink it. A DRUM ROLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FOSTERS  :p  and everything else they brew it's watered down cats piss.


A few come to mind...

Celis White: It was years ago when this turkey first came out. I read a glowing review in Bon Apetit and ran out and bought a 6'er for more than anyone should have paid for 6x12 at that time. Took it to a party and couldn't GIVE the other 5 bottles away. Put me off Belgian Bilge (ale) for years.

Fat Tire: Again, my apologies to the Belgian fans but I wouldn't wash my jock in this stuff. In fact, it tastes like I did.

Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA: Just recently was fleeced into paying the better part of a Tom Jefferson for 6x12 of this filth. (I was outside Philly and times were tough.) They claim to be the finest craft brewery in Delaware. Well it IS a VERY small state, isn't it? I think they put dogfish IN THE BEER. The hottest food at an Indian restaurant in University City couldn't kill the gym shoe after taste of this trub water.

Oh. And Corona. Afer a few pints some day, I'll tell you how I became associated with this plonk in my motorcycle circle. Just plain Bud-nasty. Mexicans should know better.

- Hare (Me? Opinionated? Why I NEVER....)

I agree with Fat Tire.

I love Belgians but that is no Belgian.  It is just a bad Amber :p
I don't know the distribution of Fat Tire, but when I lived in Boulder I loved the stuff.  That of course was before I started brewing and I haven't tried it since, so I may have a different opinion if I tried it again (I also liked Molson Ice at the time).
And now that I'm on the East Coast I haven't tried a Dogfish Head that I didn't like, though I haven't tried the 90 min IPA, I just brew my own.
Like most homebrewers I'm no fan of the "American Lager" style that includes such abominations as Coors, Bud, Miller...
While I will say that our local Shipyard Export is overrated, the same company makes a Fuggle IPA that is to die for.
I know I sound harsh on Belgian ales and I really don't mean to be. I learned to brew in SE Michigan (nobody says they live in Detroit in polite company) and it was Belgian territory. We even had a bar with authentic feather bowling lanes!

I'm sorry. I'm a creatin. I just don't really see what the big deal is. I can drink a Chimay and appreciate it. (I got a bottle of Chimay Premiere at TJ's for $12 for my brew partner to try. He drank it. Looked at me and said, "You paid HOW much for this stuff?) But I don't really like it. I like really light, really strong, really crisp and really hoppy - what my brew partner calls "in your face, party in your mouth" ales. I think the style now is called "Californial Pale Ale."

Lots of people don't like my beers. Too bitter, too foamy, too strong, "Ew... It kind of tastes like grapefruit at the end." (I work HARD to get that grapefruit finish, thankyouverymuch!)

I'm not offended. I don't like to share. ;)

- Hare
"Generic" Beer in the non-descript white cans with black lettering.

Worse than Montezuma's Revenge!
Tooheys Red

Swamp water

A headache in every bottle

A bad beer is like a bad woman
Something you don't want to know about the next day.
"Generic" Beer in the non-descript white cans with black lettering.

OMG I forgot about that stuff.  3.2 right?
That's one thing I don't miss about living in Colorado: blue laws.

I agree with you about Belgians brews being an overrated object worthy of appreciation and nothing more.
Oh, and I doubt I'd like any of your homebrews because I have worked hard to find hops (Goldings) that when used for flavor do NOT add a citrus hint to the beer.
Well I can think of only two that were bad enough to be memorialized in this forum (by far, there are more that I would NEVER try again -even free, but these two really stood out).
My primary care doc (and long time family friend) told me I should try a beer that was popular with him and his army buds when they were in Seattle.  I took the wife to Seattle for our (two-years delayed) honeymoon.  I love that city, and enjoyed trying many wonderful beers.  The beer he remembered with such fondness was called Mt. Ranier.  I should have known better when the only place I could find it was in one of the fine local fueling establishments, and it was inexpensive, in a 'tall-boy' can.  Bad omens, all.  Man I can STILL taste that stuff, and its been 2.5 years!  I had the wife take a picture of me holding this poor example of the word "beverage" just to prove I'd bought it.

A number of years prior, back about 17 or so years ago, my friends and I decided to try some beers from 'around the world'.  We used to sit around a campfire in the front yard of my fire chief (vol. fire dept) -he had a pretty nice piece of land) and knock back plenty of domestic brew.  There was one, I can't recall its' name, but we believed it was from China.  It had the graphic of an elephant on the label, and tasted about like what the elephant probably pissed out.  Think of carbonated vinegar that probably went bad prior to bottling.  We tossed one of the bottles of the stuff into the campfire (bad move) -the resulting explosion knocked the fire out, and glass pieces hit his home -his wife came out and that was the end of our gathering for the week.