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Yeast Starter for BIAB RIS help


Oct 12, 2014
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Sorry Admin if this is the wrong place to post this, I'm just in a bit of a rush. IT's brew day!

I'm making a RIS today BIAB. This is the first time I've done a yeast starter. It calls for 4130ml of starter to pitch. How long do I need to have this starter going for on a stipulate to get her up to speed? At this rate I'm starting her at 5:30am aiming to pitch by the end of the day say 3pm or later. Will that be enough time?

Also, what goes on with the calculation for volume with the yeast starter? I still want my batch to be 22L and I've ticked the box for add starter volume to batch size but it's saying my batch will be 24.7L. I'm not that concerned about having more beer, I just want to know if my final beer is going to be weaker than the prescribed ABV the good doctor ordered?

All help appreciated. IF it makes a difference, I'm using Wyeast London Ale Yeast 1028.