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Old brewer new to this forum
« on: October 21, 2014, 07:57:59 PM »
Just thought I would do the right thing and introduce myself.  I've been brewing for over 10 years but have recently "gone big" with a kegerator / 10 gallon brew setup and am about to jump into all-grain.   I've reserved a name for possible future use ( retirement job? ) that relates to the river that flows near me in Vermont.  I hope to participate and gather much more info from these forums.  Thanks for having me.


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Re: Old brewer new to this forum
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2014, 08:29:39 PM »

Welcome to our group!  We look forward to hearing how your all grain adventures go.  You won't regret switching to all grain.  I know that I haven't regretted it one bit.  I went from making gravy (extract) and tea (grain steeping) to actually making wort from raw grains and haven't looked back.  I like the control that I have when I know exactly what types of grains are used to make my wort and also knowing what temperature it was mashed at to achieve the type of wort that fits the style of beer I'm aiming to make.
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