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New to the Site!
« on: December 18, 2014, 08:27:40 AM »
Roy here, I have been brewing with a buddy of mine for over 2 years now doing 5 gallon batches. He has recently moved his family to a different state and I have lost my brewing partner. My loving wife got me an early Christmas gift, a BoxBrewKits 1 Gallon kit since we live in a small condo space is a commodity. I have picked up some extra items to help with the process.

Essentially I have:
1 Gallon glass jug
2" steel funnel
Auto Siphon
Drilled bung
3' of 3/8" Tubing

On order from Northern Brewer:
San Star
2 gallon bucket (for cleaning, sanitizing and bottling)
Spigot for bucket
larger funner
4.5in Funnel
Double mesh strainer
Cleaning utensils
Bottling wand
12 Cobalt Blue swing top bottles
2 gallon kettle
Large dial thermometer
Priming sugar

This should be plenty to get me back in the game and brewing the Rye IPA recipe that came with the kit.

What led me to these forums is researching a refractometer. Testing the beer twice with a standard hydrometer is going to cause a decent reduction in final product (this being compared to a 5gal batch) and I would like to limit that. Are there any recommendations on these tools?