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Pretty impressive if not for the severe overkill.  5 liters stirred by a 2" bar.  first video at speed 5.  second video speed 1. When not making starters you could use it for  a daiquiri blender.

I am considering a stir plate, and the Maelstrom is certainly nice but out of my price range. I came across a stir plate on kickstarter and it looks promising. For the money it looks like a pretty good deal.  I will be watching this. Anyone else have thoughts on it?

I built one using an old cigar box, fans, and a couple magnets out of an old hard drive for under 20 bucks.

I made one myself, also. I popped for a waterproof plastic box in case a big starter foamed over. I had most of the other parts, so it's hard to estimate the cost, but probably no more than $30 and it does a great job.


Greetings All - I have a maelstrom stir plate and I love it.  However, my first one started giving me a problem while stirring my 5,000 mL flask; it only pulsed and never spun the stir bar.  So I contacted the vendor, Midwest Supplies, and they sent me a new one even though the warranty expired.

Regarding the cheaper stir plates, I had one before I bought my maelstrom.  I don?t recall the brand, but I believe I paid about $60 for it.  It lasted about 18 months and all the while I struggled getting the stir bar to sit properly over the magnet inside the plate.  The magnet kept throwing the stir bar off to the side.  Was a real pain in the.....  The maelstrom literally sucks the stir bar into exact position and away we go.  Yes, it was a little pricy.  But worth every penny and Midwest Supplies really took care of me with my purchase.


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