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Im A Sinner
« on: August 15, 2015, 09:18:22 AM »
Before BeerSmith2 I used Brewater Calc. Now BS2 has it built in. I used it, but got results that I am confused about.
Using Brewater Calc, BC from now on, I want to brew a spiced beer with the following:  Ca-100, Mg-20, HC0-150, SO4-150, Na-as low as possible, Cl-175.
BC says use (in grams): CaSO4-2.5, NaCl-3, MgSO4-5, CaCl-4, NaHCO3-2.5, and CaCO3-2.5

When I run BS2, I get: CaSO4-0, NaCl-0, MgSO4-8.2, CaCl-7.4, NaHCO3-2.9, CaCO3-1.5.

But if I change the numbers BS2 recommends to what BC says my DIFFERENCE is:Ca-22, Mg-2.5, Na-84.9 (because I entered 0), SO4-2.6, Cl- -1.5, HCO3- 0.4.
 My question is why doesn't BS2 show these results instead OR did I do something wrong? I'm going with later?

Thanks in advance.