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Complete 15 gallon system near Pittsburgh
« on: February 10, 2016, 05:54:05 PM »
For Sale

Two Tier Brewing System

15 gallon system currently at North Country Brewing Company. 

System includes:
Three vessels:
   1. boil kettle, hot water kettle, mash tun
   2. all stainless welded nipples and fittings
   3. includes false bottom  and  gauges
High Temp recirculating pump
Filtration system
3 propane burners
Stand plumbed for propane and filter system
15 stainless 3 gal Cornelius kegs
3 glass carboys
Various brewing tools (hydrometers, scales, etc)
Grain mill (powered by cordless drill-not included)
Steel wert chiller
CO2 tank and carbonating stones
Chest freezer w/detached adjustable thermostat and 3 tap head system installed
There is other stuff, that I cannot think of now--

This system was my father’s and I planned to brew on it, however, have never found the time.  It was stored at friend’s home then taken to his business where staff used the system several times to experiment with recipes at NCBC.  I would leave it there; however, the IRS is coming for me and need to make some fast cash. 

Located between Pittsburgh and Erie, PA

Asking $1,700 for everything call or text at 724-372-1903 or email at