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Re: Cider and Mead
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What are the differences between the yeasts, other than a higher fermentation temp for the 71B?71B is a Beaujolais yeast so it tends to produce a mead that is ready to drink sooner and in fact does not age well sur lie. It is also very good for melomels made from berries. 71B can raise the pH of the must by metabolizing malic acid.D47 is generally used for white wines, particularly chardonnay. It has a more complex profile than 71B and develops the typical spicy, citrusy flavors when aged on the lees. It also has a more silky, viscous mouthfeel especially when aged sur lie. I think D47 makes a better cider than 71B and is also good for show meads.

I think you are correct. A friend and I made a Cyser from the same batch of apple cider. We used D47 and 71B. We both much prefer the D47 batch.