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Doom Bar
« on: October 25, 2017, 11:55:28 AM »
I have promised to teach my brewing group how to make Sharp's Doom Bar. I didn't realise it was a secret recipe. Having searched several brewing forums I have patched together a recipe and method. Please could anyone who has knowledge of brewing this beer make any helpful comments you can? I am particularly worried about the division of my hops (approx 40% at start of boil and 60% at end of boil). Does this seem right? The head brewer of Sharps said he only used 5% in the boil and 85% at the end. These figures don't add up to 100 so I'm really just guessing at 40:60

Sharp?s Doom Bar Clone

23L all-grain mash
OG =1045 FG=1013
Target ABV = 4.3%


3.4kg   Maris Otter malt
255g      Caramel/Crystal Malt
168g      Roasted Barley

7g+10g   Perle Hops (AA-8%)            7g (60min) 10g (0min)
7g+10g   Fuggles Hops (AA-4.5%)         7g (60min) 10g (0min)
7g+10g   Northern Brewer Hops (AA-8.5%)   7g (60min) 10g (0min)
7g+10g   Chinook Hops (AA-13%)         7g (60min) 10g (0min)
1tsp      Irish Moss   (add with 15min left to boil)

Brewer?s Yeast ? British Whitbread B #1099
1 pkt             Youngs Finings (7 days)

Liquor: treat 15L water with AMS (20ml) & DWB (12g). Heat to strike 70 ?C

Mash: grains at 66 ?C in 15L treated liquor for 60 mins.

Sparge: with 77 ?C water to a volume of approx. 20L.

Weigh: Hops & tie up in 2 muslin bags (Starting & Flavouring)

Boil: Add starting hops as above. Add Irish moss at 45mins. Stop boil at 60 min. Add flavour hops at flameout & steep for 60mins whilst in ice bath. Wort volume will be approx. 15L.

Ice Bath: Chill the wort rapidly using ice bath. Take OG reading. Add tap water (up to max 23L) to achieve required OG.

Ferment: Hydrate yeast with cooled kettle water & pitch at 20 ?C. Cover for fermentation & take indoors! Maintain 25?C for 7 days. Skim every day.

7 days later: Rack & fine into new FV and transfer to garage. Maintain temperature 12?C for 7 days.

7 days later: After fermentation is finished, rack in new FV, & take FG reading.

Prime: each bottle with 1.5g white sugar and bottle. Mature for 8-12 weeks.