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Computational or user input improvements ....
« on: September 22, 2018, 03:37:41 PM »
BeerSmith is an incredibly versatile tool that can adjust from single batches to large brewing operations.  The amount and parameterization possible is almost mind boggling. 

That said most users likely have an expectation that some of the steps or parameterization would be automatic,  i.e. based on prior computations internally in the software.  The following are selected areas that caused me issues and probably should be corrected/reviewed.  In all cases the recomendations is to help the user and not add any new capability.

Adding yeast is an area where manual override is necessary and the novice user may not understand.  There is a yeast recommendation shown on the Starter tab but unless the user manually overrides the yeast amount with the recommendation amount the yeast amount on the Design view is one unit.  There should be some explanation on the Starter tab with a check box that would allow the user to go with the recommendations and/or override.  There is plenty of real estate for this change.

On the Mash tab you can compute the required acid amount to match desired ph.  Once you select Add Acid action BeerSmith inputs a default amount of the selected ingredient, not the computed amount.  Apparently, it is necessary to manually transcribe the Mash Acid Amount (on the right lower pane) that was computed and enter it as the amount in the "Amount" entry data field after the user selects the acid type in the "Add Acid" pop up window.  There should be a checkbox that will add the computed acid amount, not the default amount. 

Calculation of the amount of Go-Ferm is apparently dependent on the product being made -- cider, wine, mead, all grain beer.  If the recipe is a braggot the amount of Go-Ferm recommended is exceptionally large.  A comment on the forum indicated that a braggot is sort of a mixed fermentation of beer and mead and apparently BeerSmith adds some Go-Ferm for both the all grain recipe and then more Go-Ferm for the honey.  Sort of a double whammy for the Go-Ferm amount.  There should be some discussion or the Starter tab regarding braggot and a checkbox to indicate that this is a braggot.  That way the amount computed would be more realistic. 
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