Author Topic: Blichmann G2 series (herms)  (Read 2231 times)

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Blichmann G2 series (herms)
« on: October 16, 2018, 05:23:59 PM »
Hey all, I'm data gathering if people can share

I am close to my Blichmann Pro 1BBL  system arriving, iv'e been brewing with a GF since it came out, and franken prior to that.
I was wondering if anyone using this gear could share some info on their mill thickness and what sort of % they have been getting

I have the Beersmith profile but any real world info from users of the G2 series would be greatly appreciated if you're prepared to share it, feel free to msg me privately if you prefer. I will be dealing it in myself in the long run, but data is king!


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Re: Blichmann G2 series (herms)
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2019, 04:52:31 PM »
I have an Electric Brewery clone panel, but with Keggles.

I mill at .050, and with the HERMS system have pretty good efficiency.