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Brix vs Plato


Hey Brad,

In some parts of the software (e.g. ingredients as fruits), it is asked to enter the sugar content in Brix/Plato, as if it was the same. But Brix and plato are different, so this can lead to errors in the final alcool content.

For exemple in my cider, I entered the Brix content of the apple juice (13?B) but in plato it should be around 13,6?P, so the difference in alcool content is quite important (far more than the 0,01% difference that is explained in the software).

Maybe something to improve ?

In Options > Refractometer you can set the differential for better accuracy.

In either case, if you are consistent about reading in Plato or Brix for both pre and post gravities, the alcohol calculation will be accurate even if absolute measurements are a bit skewed to one scale or the other.


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