Author Topic: Boil Kettle capacity calculation...  (Read 3686 times)


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Boil Kettle capacity calculation...
« on: March 29, 2009, 08:02:41 AM »
Does BS compute the Boil Kettle capacity (the amount of wort in the BK after sparge & top up) using water volume @ 60*F?  Or, does BS use the %shrink rate (IIRC) in the equipment setup screen as part of the calculation?

I have a Sanke Keg that seems pretty full at around 56 liters or so; but once I get 53/54'ish liters of 170*F wort, I'm kinda already at the 56'ish line in my kettle...  While the %shrink wouldn't be 4% @ 170*F, perhaps it might be around 3%?


By the way, I'd pay more $$'s to purchase an online edition :)  I'd really love to be able to go to 1 spot (your site) from anywhere (work, home, friends house) and get to "my" BS.

Regardless, BS has (and does) make me a better brewer.  I thank you for your efforts!


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Re: Boil Kettle capacity calculation...
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2009, 10:45:18 AM »
  I believe the kettle is calculated pre-shrink and pre-boil, though you can use the various boil off and water needed tools if you need the other figures.

  I have not started an online version, though I have been looking at the possibility of an online recipe database for sharing.

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Re: Boil Kettle capacity calculation...
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2009, 02:31:13 PM »
Hey there,
Thanks for the info.  I'm gonna just start to take the 4% into account when considering the BK volume :)