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A number of suggestions
« on: January 24, 2010, 04:50:43 PM »
As I've been using BeerSmith I've been making a note every time I've thought of something that would make BeerSmith even better, so here is my list of suggestions.

- Blends. Some beer recipes are blend of 2 different brews. A simple option would be to add "Blend" as a further option under Type. A less simple (but great!) option could be to allow the possibility of (e.g.) blending 1 gal of beer A and 2 gal of beer B and the software calculation what the effective OG, IBU, colour etc. would be.

- Gyle. This would be a simple box for the brewer to enter a gyle number for each brew. Easy, but I'd find this useful, especially if this would allow ordering the beers in gyle order.

- Parti-gyle. I realise this has already mentioned and rejected, but maybe adding this as a simple labelling option would be better than nothing?

- Scrolling. I find that the scrolling of the redipe page up and down to be quite irritating. Why does it take 3 clicks on the side bar to scroll up or down instead of 1?

- pH. How about some fields for inputting pH values?

- How about a tick box for rehydrating dried yeasts? I usually do this, but historically I've sprinkled the dried yeast directly onto the wort. A simple tick box would be good to enable me to keep track of this.

- You have options for hop form of pellet, leaf or plug. Why not add another option fresh hops for those of us who grow our own hops?

- More room in the taste and notes fields!

The fact that this list is so short and these changes are generally so minor is a credit to the quality of this software. I look forward to seeing the new version. Keep up the good work.