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Re: Mash Temperature Adjustment
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This a fairly old post but a significant one addressing a number of basic and relevant issues.  Attached is a spreadsheet I've used for years that addresses the issue of adjusting a missed mash temperature "on the fly" as well as finding the specific heat of a mash tun.  Both are derived from the basic equation at the top, the "Mother of All Brewing Thermodynamic Equations."

For adjusting a missed strike temperature I keep a gallon of pre-chilled water in the refrigerator and another gallon at or near boiling. I use one or the other depending on whether I'm over or under on the temperature.  Fill in the basic parameters, measure the temperature of the water adjustment addition, and it will calculate the numbers of ounces to add.  Quick, simple and foolproof.

As for calculating the specific heat of a mash tun, you simply use a variation of the basic equation.  I recently built a new tun around a 5 gallon Gott cooler.  I added measured amount of strike water, let the temperature stabilize for about 10 minutes and then measured the water temperature.  Entering this value into the spreadsheet results in a specific heat of 0.35.  Subsequent brew days confirmed the accuracy of the result.

For the geeks I've included the equation derivations.  For the mathematically challenged, simply fill in the necessary cells.

Hope this helps.  Enjoy.

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Re: Mash Temperature Adjustment
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That is a nice spreadsheet. Thanks for sharing!

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Mash Temperature Adjustment
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