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« on: March 28, 2010, 09:25:57 PM »
It just occurred to me that, although the helpful folks here have already answered a number of my questions, I hadn't yet introduced myself.  Woops.  ::)

I'm a graduate student studying Egyptology (which explains the odd name*) and an enthusiastic if occasionally clueless new homebrewer.  I've made three brews to date: an Irish red from a kit, and a bitter and a stout from extracts.  I'm about to move into all-grain brewing (I have the gear now, thanks to help from people here, and am only awaiting a shipment of ingredients), with another Irish red as my first attempt.  I'm all out of that first one, and need a refill. :)

I hope eventually to be able to brew modern versions of what the ancients drank -- minus the bits of chaff and weird bacteria from the Nile, of course.

* The odd name is the one the Greeks wrote as Thoth, the Egyptian god of knowledge and scribes.  Also a perfectly normal personal name back then.  I'm not quite so far gone that I fancy myself a deity. ;D

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Re: Greetings!
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2010, 02:15:13 AM »

Welcome!  What university are you attending? 

What all grain system have you finally been able to pull together?

How did the Ancient Egyptions brew? Did they start with bread? What grains?
Did they bitter? If they did, what herbs did they use?

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