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Dudes! - Fondest Greetings!
« on: January 15, 2011, 02:07:12 AM »
 It has been over 20 years since I shut down my home brewery in N'ton MA where where I had a 4 5g carboy operation running.  It was tons of fun.  There were just as many home runs as there were foul balls but for the most part it was a consistent operation.  I think this time around I want to dig a bit deeper into the science of sugar and yeast, but I am getting way ahead of myself :-).  The only hardware I have left from my old operation is 1 of my surviving glass carboys that serves as a change container for my vacation fund :-)  ...I don't even have a big old mash pot any more.

SO, anyways, stopping by to say HI!  I will probably be tossing out some questions as I am sure there have been some technology advancements (this BeerSmith software sure looks cool, sure wish it ran on a mac, i'd own it in a heartbeat if it did) as well as some changes in supplier relations.

Peace Out.

Long, long time fan of Charlie P's "relax and have a homebrew" ....gotta be what, 30+ years now?