Author Topic: Complementary features to BeerSmith (Facebook, Google Calendar,etc...)  (Read 3482 times)

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There's a thread on building an Android app...  This is somewhat related as I've been thinking about complementary features to beersmith.  Here's a couple:

> Publish on Facebook.  I admit to being one of those middle aged Facebook users who would rather type a message than pick up the phone to talk to a friend.  It would be really nice if I could publish information on my brewing to Facebook (say a html-pretty recipe, or a "what's on tap").

> Integrate the Calendar with google calendar.  I'd like to setup my brewing calendar for a couple months out within BeerSmith - I need to see my google calendar entries (or conversely be able to export my calendar to Google Calendar). 

> I'd like to see grow into more social realms...   It would be nice to publish a recipe from Beersmith to the site.  Be able to search (within the app) for recipes that others have published by style (vs having to bring down a pack of sample recipes). 

> It'd be nice if there was and Click-Once or Auto Update feature that not only looked for new code changes, but would allow you to push ingredient changes (new malt from Briess or new hop).

Outstanding job so far...  Thanks for all of your efforts!


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Re: Complementary features to BeerSmith (Facebook, Google Calendar,etc...)
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2011, 01:01:44 PM »
Simliar to the first request of Google calandar integration I'd love to see a calendar export to standard format iCalendar.

This way we could export to an ICalendar file and import to whatever calendar software we use. In my case either Google calendar or outlook so it will show up on my WP7 phone