Author Topic: Brettonmyces Lambicus and Old Ale  (Read 4400 times)

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Brettonmyces Lambicus and Old Ale
« on: June 29, 2011, 08:09:26 PM »
I recently attempted a Scottish 80/ but because of a 'equipment flaw' it turned into a right cake and arse party. Anyway, managed to save it by turning it into an Old Ale. As a second thought i bought an 11 litre glass carboy and some Brettonmyces Lambicus and after a few weeks in the fermenter i transferred it into the carboy, chucked in the Brett then purged it with CO2 before sealing with a bung and airlock. It has now been sitting peacefully in a dark corner of the garage for a few days (no activity).

Question; what can i expect here? i know it needs to be left at least six months and it may form some gunk on top. It is a very dark beer, highly hopped and fermented with Wyeast Scottish Ale. Its OG was 1072 and FG of 1.018. How far can i expect the gravity to go down with the brett?

Any ideas?

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Re: Brettonmyces Lambicus and Old Ale
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2011, 02:03:17 AM »
Honestly the Gravity could go down all the way to 1.001 don't be surprised if it goes even lower .
 As for a show ... You are not going to see much of anything.
 Every three months get a gravity reading see where it is once your to the point where you feel its at its lowest point wait 3 more months see where its at .
If its the same then take 1/2 a pack of champagne yeast and add it straight to the carboy let it sit for 2 days then get ready to bottle and add your priming sugar .
 this will be for conditioning only .
 I have had a Muscadine Belgium I did with white labs Golden Belgium yeast . then transfered it onto Brett C and it will sit till oct (that will be one year). I have had a few issues via temp change and pressure taking the airlock water and sucking it into the batch . I have seen a bit of funk on top . But not mold ... Also note that all the equipment that you use is now your sour equipment . Do not use it for any other batches ever so know with in the year your going to get new equipment to replace what your about to ruin .... 
Which isnt a problem because now you have a sour / funk batch kit at all times which is great if you love wild yeast or bacteria brews .... I would love to do a trade when its done let me know ... and good luck .
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Re: Brettonmyces Lambicus and Old Ale
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2011, 09:45:49 PM »
Cheers mate! I will endeavour to follow your advice to the letter... in three months. So no airlock activity? Does the yeast not produce CO2?


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Re: Brettonmyces Lambicus and Old Ale
« Reply #3 on: July 01, 2011, 11:16:07 PM »
Brett works very slow. I suggest listening to the most recent beersmith podcast. It covers this topic and might give you some insight on what to expect. Brett might need to sit a year or more before working its full magic. Good luck!