Author Topic: Mash tab - drain mash before sparge check box  (Read 11022 times)

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Re: Mash tab - drain mash before sparge check box
« Reply #15 on: July 26, 2014, 06:04:48 PM »
In that check box configuration, BeerSmith is doing exactly what you asked of it. It's giving you the "equalized" sparge volume for the second step and disregarding the actual runoff.
Correct, that is what is seemingly happening though that's not what I'm asking of it.

Incorrect: it's a bug.  Even the developer would seem to have initially agreed on this point.  It's a bug either way you look at it.  I would argue that BS should just deal with it and adjust the sparge volume intelligently.  If you disagree, so be it.  However, even then it's still a bug.  Despite instructing the user to sparge with 3.61 gallons of water it's only using 2.36 as the sparge volume in the overall volume calculations causing all the following figures to be wrong without any indication.  If you disagree on that point then I suspect we won't agree on much else so we might as well drop it.