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Equipment profile for Braumeister and lookalikes
« on: December 11, 2011, 06:10:35 AM »
I use equipment where you do the mashing in the boiler, similar to BIAB. However there is no bag involved, but a mashtun with grated bottom that fits inside the boiler. This of course leaves some (several litres) of the mash water on the outside of the mashtun, although it will be used as mashwater as it is circulated through the mash. The mashtun stand a few cm above the bottom of the boiler so there will be a certain volume below the mashtun. Further ther will be a certain volume outside the sides of the mashtun.
Different from BIAB, there will also be done some sparging at the end, although with much less water than in conventional mashing, as a larger amount of the brewing water is needed in the mashing to prevent the mash from running dry.
One example of this is the German Braumeister, but in Norway we have several other setups with a similar approach. I can't find any equipment profile that suits this kind of equipment.