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Batch Sparge Temperature calculations
« on: January 05, 2012, 11:22:27 AM »
 I've been using beersmith for 2 years now, starting with 1.4 and now 2.x , and have started doing more all-grain brewing.  It seems that many people have the question about caculating "Batch Sparge" temperatures, as beersmith always calculates it to 168 deg water.  Now i've read the threads that say that if you want a 168 deg grain bed for rinsing grains, its really a mash out, and not a batch sparge. However, many other sources accept rinsing grains with hot water, to get a 168 deg grain bed as a batch sparge.  I've also read that in order to achieve the right temperature result, you should use a Mash out step instead of batch sparge. However, that does not have the same depth of flexibility as the sparge calculations around water volumes and such.  As i've played more with the tool, it seems like a good workaround is to do a batch sparge profile, and use the infusion tool to calculate the water temp. However, with so many people looking for this functionality, it seems like you should consider adding it to the tool. Instead of Sparge Water temp, it should be batch sparge temp, which would then caculate out the water temp.

I love this software. I just bought it for my brother for xmas, and recommend it to everyone. This is the first thing i have found that I dont really like.