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Help with setup
« on: March 28, 2012, 12:16:03 PM »
Good morning all,

 I have up graded to Beer smith 2 about 4 months ago and for the most part don't use it because I can't figure out what to input.  Please help  ;)

Here is my set up. How do I enter this.
10G SS kettle for strike water
70 q Colman extreme with ball valve and SS braided hose Mash tun
15.5 converted Keg boil kettle.

Process , what do I pick in the per sets?,
Normal I do 12 G batches, (leaving me with 5.5g per carboy)
I heat 30 to 34 q of water in the 10G sparg tank to 174 and then add to the cooler.  As the water flows in I stir in the grist ( 20 to 28 lbs)
I then mix  and close the lid for 60  min.
I fill the strike water kettle with the remaining water (30 - 36q) and at the end of the 60 min mash I drain the cooler to the kettle and refill the mash tun with the now preheated 30 - 36q of water and let sit 10 min.  Then I vorloft with a pump for 10 min and finally run the second mash running into the kettle.
This gives me about 13 to 15 g in the kettle depending on recopy and boil time.

I am having a hard time picking both a equipment set up and mash pre set that fits this.  I know this way of brewing is very common so there must be a way to set up this software for it.

Thanks for the input