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« on: October 12, 2012, 05:08:53 PM »
Since I firmly believe in supporting my local economy, I have been buying from my LHBS, even tho I can get ingredients cheaper 90 miles away.
Because they were not carrying malts I was not used to, and, mainley, because I was using a new equipment set up which I had not dialed in yet, my efficiencies were low.
The LHBS started stocking Great Western malts, which are the malts I am used to. And, I got my new equipment dialed in.
AND, I brewed using my low numbers, even tho testing showed otherwise.
The first hint of a problem came during bottling. I pulled a sample for the hydrometer, and let it sit while bottling. Not wishing to be wasteful, after bottling I poured the sample into a pint glass, marvelled at the color, then drank it.
My wife made the comment 'What's wrong with your eyes?' This should have tipped me off, since SHMBO is legally blind. I also noticed my nose was starting to numb.
A week after bottling, the hops have started to mellow, and the flavor is great. But it isn't the simple, mild, red ale I had intended.
But, it's a keeper!
I'll keep everyone posted as this progresses, with weekly 'testing'