Author Topic: Complete RIMS/Gas Brewstand Setup  (Read 4560 times)

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Complete RIMS/Gas Brewstand Setup
« on: December 03, 2013, 08:45:30 AM »
I have too many projects right now and with getting a house some things MUST go. This is one of them. The control box is wired to use with a 50Amp service but can use it on a 30Amp service as it is now. The control panel is wired through a 60 Amp GFCI box mounted on the backside of the control panel. Right now I have it wired for use on a 30Amp service as I was only running the RIMS tube and pumps and 1 PID. To make it 50A you just need to run wires from the relays to the switches and add the elements to your kettles and add the PIDs. It is wired to run 2 pumps with each on its own switch, a RIMS element switch, and a selector switch for the BK and HLT elements. I have the diagram that allows you to run the HLT and BK at once or individually if you would like to change it. It has a main key switch and an estop button. It is setup to use Auberins PID controllers. I have another chugger pump not pictured that goes with it. It has gas lines and burners that are mounted and work.  It started off as gas but figured I would leave the burners mounted in case of a power outage or something so you would still have heat and not lose a batch. Everything is brand new. Have a handmade solid oak mash paddle that comes with it. All the fittings are stainless cam quick disconnects.  I have over $2,300 just in the control panel alone. All the hard work is done all you have to do is set it up and start making magic. Asking $4,700 for everything or best offer. You can get more info and pictures upon request, just Email or PM me and I will be in contact. Serious inquiries only please.